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  • Chloe Maughan & Simon Tanner

Mental Health Challenge Competition: supporting student mental health in higher education

In 2019 the Office for Students (OfS) launched the Mental Health Challenge Competition programme. This programme supplied funding to 10 higher education providers to improve support for student mental health, with a focus on student transitions, early intervention and support.

Over the last three years Wavehill have been conducting an independent evaluation of the Mental Health Challenge Competition on behalf of the Office for Students. We are pleased to announce that the final evaluation outputs are now available. This includes a number of key resources for institutions, practitioners and those working within the mental health sector and includes:

There are additional resources and case studies from higher education institutions across England. To find out more about Wavehill's earlier work on the Mental Health Challenge Competition programme and our evaluation work please see our recent blog.

For more information on any aspect of this evaluation work this please contact Chloe Maughan and Simon Tanner.


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