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Anna Burgess

Anna Burgess

Senior Consultant

Anna joined Wavehill in early 2017, bringing with her a wide range of experience from her work at a national young person’s health and education charity and developing a fundraising outreach programme at a Bristol-based drug and education policy think tank. She is an experienced consultant who is proficient in both quantitative and qualitative analysis. She is also well-versed at engaging with a wide range of individuals, from business owners to disadvantaged young people, through focus groups, face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews.

In particular, Anna specialises in qualitative research and analysis in which she focuses on developing analytical processes and methods to ensure that qualitative data is analysed in an engaging and meaningful way. She also has excellent knowledge of analytical software packages such as NVivo, Qualtrics and QGIS.

Anna has a BA (hons) in History and an MSc (with distinction) in Public Policy, both from the University of Bristol.

01545 277 927
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