Feedback, learn and improve



Evaluation is undertaken in order to understand how a programme, scheme or project is implemented, what the effects have been, for whom, how and why. We have evaluated projects and programmes for a huge variety of public, private and third sector clients across an incredibly wide range of sectors.




Do you want to know what people think about your services, project or programme? Surveys are one of the key tools of any research company and we have extensive experience of undertaking all types of surveys including telephone, online, postal, street and face-to-face surveys. All these types of surveys are undertaken by our highly experienced in-house research team.

Focus groups


Focus groups are a great way of exploring and discussing people’s views and opinions in greater depth. Our team have extensive experience of facilitating group discussions in a range of different formats and with an even wider range of people.

Economic impact assessment


Programmes and projects are often judged as a success or a failure, based on their economic impact. Economic impact analysis examines the effect of a programme, project or event on the economy of a given area. Our team have the expertise to undertake Economic impact assessment to measure the gross and net additional impact of a project (typically in terms of economic growth (output or gross value added, GVA) and associated changes in jobs and income or profits). 


Social return on investment (SROI)


Understanding the return on investment is important to any organisation. But there is increasing recognition that we need better (and broader) ways to account for the social, economic and environmental value generated by your activities. SROI is a framework for measuring and accounting for a much broader concept of value incorporating social, environmental and economic costs and benefits into the discussion on return on investment.