Evaluation of Business Survivability and Growth on the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme

The Prince’s Trust commissioned Wavehill in October 2015 to explore the extent to which businesses established by young people supported by the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme survive and grow.The evaluation engaged 628 Enterprise Programme participants with some accessing post start up support and some choosing not to (the comparison group for the research).They had all participated in the programme three years previously enabling a longitudinal assessment of their businesses performance in the early years. A host of topics were discussed with participants alongside a measurement of their turnover, employment, profitability and survivability. The research was well received and formed a

Carmarthen BID (Business Improvement District)

Throughout 2017 Wavehill will be working with the business community in Carmarthen town to develop a Business Improvement District (BID). There are approximately 217 active BIDs across towns and cities in the UK and another 50 under development that have yet to go to ballot[1]. BIDs are established and run by businesses, with the aim of improving local trading conditions. They are funded by a levy on businesses based on the rate-able value of their premises and they are established through a ballot of the businesses in the area. BIDs can also benefit the wider community and regeneration initiatives. BID development in Carmarthen will be an inclusive process, involving all relevant local bodi

Evaluation of Ceredigion Coastline: Unlocking the Potential

In the second half of 2016 Wavehill undertook a final evaluation of the two-year Ceredigion Coastline: Unlocking the Potential project. This was a regeneration project managed by Ceredigion County Council and administered by Big Lottery on behalf of the Coastal Communities Fund. The objective of the project was to improve coastal infrastructure through strategic signage and interpretation and to encourage coastal businesses to use the coast as a USP to sell their trading activity, create permanent jobs in the county, and help ensure the sustainability of organisations in the long term, by employing a dedicated Business Development Officer. The evaluation found that overall the project had be

Careers Wales Clients in Education Research Focus Groups

Careers Wales are in the process of re-launching their services and redeveloping their marketing strategy for school pupils. To inform these strategic changes, Careers Wales commissioned Wavehill in June 2016 to undertake two series of focus groups with a total of 120 Year 10 and Year 12 pupils in secondary schools across Wales. The research findings allow Careers Wales to better understand their target audience, their opinions and behaviours and to determine the best ways to communicate in terms of style, format and messaging. For more information please contact Mair Bell

An Economic Impact Assessment: Snowdonia Aerospace Centre Development

In July 2016 Wavehill were commissioned to undertake an economic impact assessment of several scenarios related to proposed roadworks to improve access to the site of Llanbedr Airfield. The airfield is the site of the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre and is part of the Snowdonia Enterprise Zone. Our analysis built upon previous studies that have considered new uses for Llanbedr Airfield and the economic potential of the site including as a centre for the development and testing of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and a possible location for a Spaceport. Those studies provided the starting point for the assessments in this report with additional desk research and primary research being unde

OECD Research Project: Assessing Progression in Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Wavehill are leading a research project aimed at assessing progression in creative and critical thinking skills in schools in Wales, as part of an international study with the OECD*. The study is concerned with developing approaches to creative teaching and learning practices in classrooms, and is trialing assessment tools and tests in creativity (convergent and divergent thinking). Twenty-two Lead Creative Schools [1] are involved in this pilot over 2016-17 and groups of pupils are participating in pre and post-intervention assessment. *The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental economic organisation that aims to promote policies that will impr


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