Seascapes Evaluation Framework, The Tyne to Tees, Shores and Seas - Seascape Partnership

The Seascape Partnership has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and wider partners to develop a programme of special projects, events and activities that will benefit the coast, its communities and its wildlife. The project aims to celebrate the coastline’s unique geology and natural environment whilst revealing the hidden history of the SeaScapes area. Wavehill has been commissioned to evaluate the development phase of SeaScapes and to develop the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework through which the impact and effectiveness of the delivery phase will be assessed between 2020-24. For further information please contact:

Evaluation of Pori Drwy Stori, Booktrust Cymru

BookTrust Cymru have commissioned Wavehill, in partnership with Iaith, to deliver an evaluation of their Pori Drwy Stori Nursery (Oracy) programme, which is a Foundation Phase bilingual programme to support oracy outcomes and parental engagement in learning for children in Wales. The programme is the second phase and with funding from the Welsh Government, is being rolled out to approximately 500 maintained and non-maintained nursery settings throughout Wales and will be delivered to 12,000 children aged 3-4 between January and May 2019. For further information please contact:

Evaluation of the Breaking Boundaries Programme, Youth Sport Trust

Wavehill were appointed by the Youth Sport Trust to undertake an independent and robust evaluation of the Breaking Boundaries Programme to provide evidence of the outcomes it achieves and to draw out recommendations for the ongoing development of the programme and the future planning and development of new social cohesion projects. Breaking Boundaries (CCtC), is a £1.8 million, three-year programme (2018 –2021) funded by Spirit of 2012 that aims to bring young people, their families and communities together through regular engagement in cricket, playing, spectating and volunteering. The project aims to use the spark of the 2019 World Cup and success of the Women’s cricket team in 2017, to ma

The Role of Social Care in Prevention, Skills for Care

Skills for Care has commissioned research into the development of preventative approaches in social care, including those which encourage people to be more proactive about their health and wellbeing. The research in particularly interested in: · The role of social care staff in prevention and promoting wellbeing · The effectiveness of prevention and promotion in social care · The impact of engaging in this agenda on the social care staff themselves The research will take the form of a rapid evidence assessment (RER) as well as a mapping study, with the latter having a particular focus on identifying examples of good practice to share with others. For further information please conta

Prince’s Trust Employability programme, The Prince's Trust

Wavehill have been appointed by The Prince’s Trust to explore and evaluate the development of their employability offer. The ‘Get Into’ programme is currently the Trust’s core employability intervention which makes up the offer, targeting sector specific employment outcomes for young people. The programme was developed when it became apparent that unemployed young people across the UK were more than capable of employment but found it impossible to get their foot on the ladder due to a lack of skills and experience. The research aims to identify how the offer and any innovation pilots meet the needs of young people and employers to build a financially sustainable career with a motivated and d

Evaluation Framework for the Cities of Service Social Action Programme, Nesta

Wavehill Director Andy Parkinson worked as part of the team commissioned by Nesta to provide evaluation support to local authorities participating in the Cities of Service Programme. From March 2014 to March 2016 Nesta backed seven UK cities to mobilise the talents and energy of volunteers to meet city wide challenges, using the successful United States Cities of Service model. The localities included: Barnsley, Bristol, Kirklees, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swindon, and Telford and Wrekin. The research team worked with partnerships across each locality to produce an evaluation framework and high-level KPIs that would help them to shape their service plans and facilitate subsequent impact assessme

Scoping study for the development of a shared work programme, Skills Active and Skills for Care

Wavehill Director Andy Parkinson led a scoping study on behalf of Skills for Care, in partnership with SkillsActive, to assess the potential for establishing a shared workforce development programme to support employers within the sport, fitness and outdoors sectors to provide services to people in receipt of social care. The purpose of the scoping study was to explore the levels of understanding of employers within the sport, fitness and outdoors sectors of the role of social care employers. The final research report presents a summary of the key themes emerging from a review of research or evidence of shared workforce development between the two sectors and consultations with a wide range

Evaluation of the Warm & Well Programme, Age UK

The Warm and Well programme, which is funded by an undisclosed energy company, provides Information and Advice to help older people ensure that they are receiving all the welfare benefits, grants and other income available to them, and therefore all the money that they are entitled to. The programme is delivered through tailored information and advice sessions for vulnerable older people. Wavehill are undertaking a process and impact evaluation of this three-year programme to assess the delivery models used by twenty local Age UK sites in receipt of funding through the programme and also the impact of the project on older people at risk of living in cold homes. For further information please

State of Heritage Funding Now Research Report, Arts & Business Scotland

Wavehill was appointed by Arts & Business Scotland to deliver a research project and report which would focus on where the heritage sector in Scotland currently stands in terms of resources and fundraising. The purpose of the research was to reflect on the changes in the funding landscape for heritage in Scotland, identify the challenges faced by the sector as well as the opportunities in fundraising. The research was been commissioned as a legacy piece in relation to the Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage (RSH) training and capacity building programme which provided fundraising support to the sector for four years. The RSH programme was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund Catalyst grants progra

Evaluation of the Curtain Rises at Seaton Delaval Hall programme, National Trust

Seaton Delaval Hall (SDH), situated in South East Northumberland, is a Grade I listed building of outstanding significance that sits within a Grade II registered park and garden. Funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. the ‘Curtain Rises’ project will address the urgent conservation needs of the Hall, surrounding buildings and key landscape features that are at greatest risk. It will enhance the welcome for visitors by investing in much needed facilities. Most importantly, it will bring to life the Hall’s rich story by creating new interpretation. Wavehill have been appointed as evaluation partner and will be working with a range of stakeholders over the next three years to assess

The Role of Advice Services in Health, The Low Commission and Advice Services Alliance

Wavehill Director Andy Parkinson was commissioned by the Advice Services Alliance (ASA) and The Low Commission to deliver a research project on the role of advice services in health. The main objectives of the research project were to build upon the work which has already been conducted in this area and inform the next steps for the advice sector in engaging and working with health services. Specifically the research aimed to contribute to the following longer-term goals: to improve access to advice for people who are vulnerable and/or who have health related problems; to identify and strengthen the position of advice services in relation to the delivery of health outcomes; to identify a ra

Scoping study on the emerging use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in social care

Skills for Care commissioned Wavehill Director Andy Parkinson to undertake a scoping study on the emerging use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in adult social care. The purpose of the scoping study was to: Examine the existing international literature in the context of AI and robotics and their uses in adult social care; Explore what is currently happening in the context of AI and robotics and their uses in adult social care focusing on the UK but including international examples; and Outline workforce issues that might arise as the use of AI and robotics in adult social care begins to grow. This scoping study incorporated a rapid evidence review of existing published literature

Research into careers in social care, early years and childcare, Social Care Wales

Wavehill was commissioned to undertake a desk-based research project to help Social Care Wales to understand what is currently known about the public perception of the social care and early years and childcare sector in Wales, and what factors influence individuals in Wales to choose social care or early years and childcare as a career option. The report provides a summary of the review of published literature and grey literature identified through contact with a range of organisations and networks from within the social care, early years and childcare sectors. Whilst the literature provides a focus on Wales, where relevant evidence is drawn from across the UK. For further information please

Review of the Arts and Communities Programme, Arts Council England

Wavehill Director Andy Parkinson completed a review of the Arts and Communities programme, which was an initiative by Arts Council England and the Department for Communities and Local Government which aimed to support and showcase good practice in arts and culture that brings communities together by increasing participation, building common ground and promoting stronger and more integrated communities. The programme provided funding to the localities of Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol and Burnley. The review report showcases the progress and achievements of the activity delivered through the programme and considers the learning from the different approaches to programme delivery in each locali

Evaluation of Regular Funding Process, Creative Scotland

Wavehill has been appointed by Creative Scotland to carry out an independent Evaluation of the 2018-21 Regular Funding process (RFO process). The aim of the evaluation is to provide Creative Scotland with an objective insight on the end-to-end process which was run, with a set of recommendations that will help inform the development of future funding models. In delivering the evaluation the team will assess the effectiveness of Creative Scotland’s approach to, and delivery against, the stated aims and guidance for the 2018-21 Regular Funding process, including the application of a single model of regular (or multi-year) funding across a wide range of organisations. For further information pl


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