Provision of a Business Skill Analysis to Establish Current and Future Needs of Employment Learning/

Newport City Council (NCC), on behalf of Work & Skills/Community Regeneration, has commissioned Wavehill to undertake a study which will seek to establish the current and future needs of Learning/ Training provision and patterns of local employment in relation to the key sector industries in Newport in accordance with NCC’s terms and conditions. The study will establish any skills/learning gaps within the area and within key sectors of industry as it currently stands and how NCC and its partners can look to plug those gaps through increasing the skill set and re-modelling learning provisions relating to skills development and for those working within the sector(s) and/or for those looking to

South Coast Marine Cluster

In 2016, Wavehill were commissioned to map, quantify, and contextualise the contribution of the South Coast Marine Cluster (SCMC) to both the Marine and Maritime sectors (MMS) UK-wide, and also to the overall UK economy. The SCMC is a regional partnership of research institutions, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and local authorities that spans much of the south and south-west coastal areas of the UK.1 The collaborative partnership aims to stimulate economic growth in Marine and Maritime-related activities, to attract significant increases in inward investment, and to foster the growth and expansion of export markets. Equally, the partnership has as a core goal to catalyse further innovation

Quality Function Deployment applied to Inward Investment

Wavehill were commissioned to develop a dynamic model / matrix to be able to identify what aspects of a region’s proposition will be critical to attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The model included a competitor analysis, and showed the strength of relationships between regional characteristics such as support levers e.g. grants, skilled workforce, infrastructure, proximity to market, and the voice of the customer for inward investment opportunities. The model was designed to be dynamic in such a way as the inward investment requirements will be able to be changed (through changing existing / number of requirements and their associated numerical weighting) as will other model variab

Welsh Game Meat Feasibility Study

Welsh Game Meat is a supply chain development project which aims to increase the value of healthy, local, wild game to the Welsh economy. The project will be looking at all aspects of the Welsh game meat market to produce an independent study which aims to identify and evaluate the potential for sustainable short supply chains, local markets and increased sales and consumption of game meat in Wales. The key objective is to find out where there is potential to develop sustainable supply chains and local markets, what could be done to achieve this, whether there is scope to add value through new products and how this could all bring about ways in which more people in Wales could enjoy Welsh ga

Opportunities for the Wales Co-operative Centre to work with the farming sector to support the devel

The Wales Co-operative Centre has not been very active in the farming sector since around 2004. The ERDF funding that has provided the backbone of our recent work supporting social businesses has prevented us from supporting agricultural activity directly. We are able to support secondary agricultural co-operatives, however, providing they meet the jobs and growth criteria of the Social Business Wales project. In order to support our return to working in this sector, we wish to commission a piece of research that: identifies the extent of secondary agricultural co-operatives in Wales compares levels of co-operative activity in Wales with the rest of the UK and Ireland makes recommendations f


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