Arts and Place Shaping

Arts Council England commissioned Wavehill to undertake a review of the importance of arts and culture in the lives of people, communities and places. This review builds on previous research, also conducted by Wavehill, which presented evidence of the ability of arts and culture to promote and drive positive economic and social outcomes at a local level and contribute to place-shaping. The review highlights the growing body of evidence that demonstrates culture’s role in revitalising the high street by promoting social cohesion and supporting local economies in towns, cities and villages up and down the country The review, which has been published by Arts Council England, indicates that cult

Fully utilise the opportunities created by improved digital infrastructure in rural Wales

Published in September 2020, this report for BT found that improved digital connectivity has the potential to help address a number of the longstanding issues facing rural areas, both in terms of economic development and in terms of quality of life/wellbeing issues such as access to key services. Those opportunities involve both fixed broadband and mobile infrastructure, especially with the emergence of 5G. Having comprehensive mobile and fixed-line infrastructure in place is, however, not enough – more needs to be done to realise the opportunities that it creates. The report makes 10 recommendations for actions that would help ensure that businesses in rural Wales make the most of the oppor


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