Literature reviews and desk research

Making use of the information that’s already out there is always important. We undertake all sorts of desk research including good (or interesting) practice reviews, ‘rapid evidence assessments’, systematic literature reviews and analysis of labour market statistics published by the ONS. There really is no point in reinventing the wheel.   

Strategy development


We help clients to develop a strategic and evidenced based approach to their future activities. We can assist with needs and trends analysis, strategy development and operational planning. We have a strong socio-economic and environmental research base, which we use to gather data to ensure that strategic development is always informed by robust evidence, allowing our clients to utilise our research intelligence to enable them to plan for future delivery.


Project design


The project design is the critical phase in any intervention – if you don’t get it right there is little chance of success. We are able to draw on our years of experience and understanding of what works to help you to design a successful project. We consider everything - even those little details which seem insignificant but which go so far to determining the success of a project.


Feasibility studies


Want to know if it will work? Our expert team can provide you with an evidence based feasibility study to tell you exactly that.


Stakeholder consultation


Stakeholders can take many forms, from small community groups to transnational organisations, and the views of all of them need to be considered. We can provide that link for you – consulting with all of your stakeholders. You can find out more here.


Community consultation


We believe doing things with people and communities rather than to them is one of the keys to success for your project. We pride ourselves on having a research team and approach which is able to get into communities, understand them, and help you understand what they want and why.



Research, plan and design