Sam Grunhut,
Research Consultant

Sam joined Wavehill in 2019 as a research consultant following the completion of his master’s degree in Practising Human Geography at Aberystwyth University. Sam is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative forms of data analysis and as part of his degree received ESRC accredited training on project construction and data collection in a variety of subject areas.


Sam is primarily a qualitative researcher with experience in conducting face-to-face and telephone interviews, focus groups and ethnographies where he has worked with a range of audiences, for a variety of different purposes. His work prior to joining Wavehill has focussed on community spaces, national identity, and homeless experiences of urban and rural environments. During the latter he gained experience in working with potentially vulnerable individuals, as well as, constructing ethical methodologies that prioritise safety, respect and wellbeing.

T: 01545 277 922


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