• Oliver Allies

Evaluation of Communities First

Wavehill, in partnership with Ipsos Mori, has recently been awarded the contract to evaluate the latest phase of Communities First, including its design, delivery and effectiveness. The aims of this evaluation include:

  • To explicate the logic model underpinning the Communities First programme.

  • To assess performance in implementing the new phase of Communities First and the extent to which there is fidelity to the programme’s logic model.

  • To identify which aspects of the programme’s design and implementation need improvement and why and which aspects of the programme are working well and why.

  • To propose recommendations on how the programme might be improved.

  • To understand the context within which the CF programme works, and the extent to which it aligns with other initiatives in Wales and the UK and what have been the impact of welfare reforms and LA budget cuts on CF programme beneficiaries and those involved in delivery?

  • What effect are budget reductions having on LAs’ capability to part fund or become involved in partnering on CF projects and to what extent is CF supporting, or assuming either in part or whole, the mantle of responsibility for community-focussed regeneration or project work which might formerly have been funded by LAs?