• Endaf Griffiths

Hiraethog Development Strategy and Action Plan

Hiraethog is a rural upland region in Conwy and Denbighshire in North Wales. In May 2014, Wavehill was appointed by Cadwyn Clwyd and the Conwy Rural Partnership to carry out a strategic economic and community regeneration study of the Hiraethog rural area which formed the basis of a development strategy for the area.

The strategy was based on an analysis of the opportunities, needs and challenges in the economy, community, society and demography of area. The research undertaken included: (a) an analysis of socio-economic data for the area; (b) a review of existing research and other literature relating to the area; and (c) consultation with local stakeholders and businesses.

At the end of the study, a 20-year Development Strategy and 10-year Action Plan for the economic and community regeneration of the Hiraethog area was produced.

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