• Louise Petrie

Research into football participation in Wales

In July 2015 the Football Association of Wales (FAW) commissioned Wavehill to undertake research into football participation in Wales. The research study explored young people’s experiences of football and developed a better understanding of how more young people could be encouraged to play the game in Wales. Jointly with the FAW a series of 8 focus groups were held with young people between the ages of 14 and 16, within a school setting with young people, ranging from those who had stopped playing football altogether to those who were still regularly playing. Wavehill also conducted telephone interviews with 31 contacts from academies and football clubs and leagues in Wales.

The findings of the research, alongside the FAW review of the Youth Academy Programme in Wales, was hoped to help establish the future direction for academy football in Wales.

For further information please contact: Louise.petrie@wavehill.com