• Endaf Griffiths

What difference has improving a road and rail bridge in North Wales made?

Wavehill was commissioned to complete an independent evaluation of the £20.5 million, European Funded, Pont Briwet Redevelopment Scheme which replaced a 150-year-old bridge and toll road with a modern, safe and sustainable structure including a railway, a two-lane road, and a cycle/footpath. The project also made improvements to the nearby train station and narrow approach roads.

The evaluation was commissioned by Gwynedd Council and undertaken by Wavehill in association with the Wales Transport Research Centre, University of South Wales. Its purpose was to consider a wide range of issues including how local people and businesses have been affected during the course of the redevelopment work, as well as the likely effect in the future, once the bridge was fully reopened.

Contact: Endaf Griffiths