• Endaf Griffiths

Which sectors will create 'high value' jobs?

Wavehill were commissioned by Gwynedd Council to undertake research to identify which high value sectors are (or could be) of most significance to Gwynedd. The aim was to provide information to the High Value Jobs Project Group within Gwynedd Council, that would allow them to decide on a shortlist of sectors that should be targeted, in order to attract investment that will have the most potential to create high-value jobs in Gwynedd either directly, or via the supply chain. The research followed on from work undertaken by Wavehill for Gwynedd Council in August 2014, which established a definition for both ‘high value jobs’ and ‘high value sectors.’

The research undertaken included:

  • A review of relevant and recent research, in relation to high value and growth sectors, now and in the future.

  • A review of policy and strategy to establish sectors and sub-sectors that have been prioritised.

  • Analysis to identify the prevalence of high value sectors in Gwynedd and in a number of roughly comparable areas.

  • Interviews with a small sample of businesses in potential priority sectors based in Gwynedd.

Contact: Endaf Griffiths