• Endaf Griffiths

What is the role of farmers’ markets in growing the food sector in Wales?

In November 2015, the Welsh Government’s Food Division commissioned Wavehill to undertake research into farmers’ markets in Wales. The study was commissioned to contribute to the development of a more in-depth understanding of the opportunities for food and drink businesses that choose to directly market their produce through farmers’ markets and/or other regular food events. The objective was also to identify factors that have been key to the success of established farmers’ markets and food events, as well as any lessons learnt.

The research undertaken included:

  • A review of published literature regarding farmers’ markets and previous initiatives to support the development of markets in Wales

  • An estimate of the number of markets in Wales

  • Telephone interviews with a sample of over 100 producers in Wales about farmers’ markets and food events, particularly how they benefit from exhibiting

  • Telephone interviews with a sample of 60 market organisers in Wales to discuss a range of issues about their markets

Contact: Endaf Griffiths