• Endaf Griffiths

Evaluation of Renew Wales – a project to help communities tackle the causes and impact of climate ch

Renew Wales was set up by a consortium of organisations to help community groups tackle the causes and impacts of climate change through advice, training, mentoring and technical support from other experienced community practitioners. A key aspect of the project is that the support is ‘peer to peer’, provided by people who have already delivered projects in their communities.

In January 2016 Wavehill were commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the Renew Wales, which is being carried out on an ongoing basis alongside the implementation of the project, so that findings can feed into its delivery.

The activities being undertaken as part of the evaluation include:

Developing a ‘theory of change’ for the project

Identifying the lessons learnt during the course of the delivery of the project

Interviews with the community groups supported to identify the impact of the help they’ve received

Development of case studies based on the communities supported

Contact: Mair Bell