• Endaf Griffiths

Creative Learning through the Arts

Launched in March 2015, the Creative Learning Through the Arts programme is a partnership between Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government. The programme is managed by a team within the Arts Council of Wales, under the direction of the Director for Engagement and Participation. It is supported by equal investments of Arts Lottery and Welsh Government Department for Education and Skills funding, totalling £20m over five years.

The initiative consists of two strands of activity:

Strand 1, the Lead Creative Schools scheme, is focused on improving attainment through creativity. It is an intensive intervention that involves teachers, ‘Creative Agents’ and ‘Creative Practitioners’ working together to deliver a creative approach to learning. It is anticipated that the scheme will support around a third of schools in Wales over the 5-year lifetime of the programme.

Strand 2, the All-Wales Arts and Education Offer, includes a range of different activities designed to increase and improve opportunities for teachers, learners, artists and arts/cultural/heritage organisations to work together. This includes an online Arts and Creative Learning Portal, Regional Arts and Education Networks, Local Arts Champions and an ‘Experiencing the Arts’ fund.

Wavehill are undertaking the independent evaluation of the programme alongside its delivery -between now and 2020. Broadly, its purpose is to examine the process, impact and value for money of the programme.