• Mair Bell

Festival and Event Review for the Ceredigion and the Dyfi Biosphere Destinations

Wavehill have been commissioned by Ceredigion County Council on behalf of the Ceredigion Destination Management Partnership to undertake a review of festivals and events in the county. This project is being delivered in collaboration with the Dyfi Biosphere Destination Management Partnership to support the ongoing development of the Ceredigion and Dyfi Biosphere destination Sense of Place product.

Wavehill will explore and assess a range of existing and proposed events to identify those that have the capacity and desire to attract additional audiences, and their role in the development of a quality and authentic destination offer. Wavehill will collect information from event organisers and make proposals for events that could be delivered during 2017-2018 that would complement, add value and bring cohesion to those already planned.

The aim of the project is to provide a basis for future partnership and co-ordination of events. The evidence and ideas collated during this exercise will be used to seek further funding through the Welsh Government’s Regional Tourism Engagement Fund (RTEF) during the 2017 and 2018 annual bidding processes. For this reason, events are expected to deliver priorities within the Destination Management Plans that are in line with Visit Wales’ thematic ‘Years of Experience’ approach or meet the needs of one or more of Visit Wales’ target market segments.


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