• Andrew Engeli/Jessica Irving

West of England Local Enterprise Partnership Employer Skills Survey

The 2016 West of England LEP Employer Skills Survey has been designed as a bespoke survey to give detailed insight into skills demands, needs, training, and provision across the LEP area. The survey complements and adds to national employer skills surveys, and provides a representative sample from which to draw robust analytical conclusions. It builds upon the legacy of the 2015 West of England ESS that mapped skills demands and needs across a range of sectors, and constitutes one of the largest and most comprehensive regional skills surveys undertaken to date.The survey features a number of key questions important to local economic growth and draws on questionnaire tools utilised in previous national research into employer skills needs undertaken by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES).Where possible, the wording structure was retained from the UKCES, in order for direct comparisons to be drawn between the two surveys.The survey was a mixed-mode exercise, with businesses being engaged either by telephone or through an email invitation to complete an online version.All telephone interviews were undertaken by the Wavehill Research Team. Online survey invitations were sent out through the West of England LEP Employer Skills Survey project management team, using an in-house proprietary CRM database. Key findings of the report bear upon pattern of vacancies and recruitment in the West of England, such as hard to fill vacancies and the impact these have on businesses.The report also explores current employer skills needs and their ability to meet these needs through training and apprenticeships. Overall, the report concludes that there are key areas of progression in the provision of skills training across the West of England LEP in comparison to 2015, but that areas of challenge still remain and there is room for carefully targeted policy interventions.

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