• Endaf Griffiths

An Economic Impact Assessment: Snowdonia Aerospace Centre Development

In July 2016 Wavehill were commissioned to undertake an economic impact assessment of several scenarios related to

proposed roadworks to improve access to the site of Llanbedr Airfield. The airfield is the site of the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre and is part of the Snowdonia Enterprise Zone. Our analysis built upon previous studies that have considered new uses for Llanbedr Airfield and the economic potential of the site including as a centre for the development and testing of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and a possible location for a Spaceport. Those studies provided the starting point for the assessments in this report with additional desk research and primary research being undertaken to update and supplement the data already available. This included a telephone survey local businesses to collect data to inform the economic impact assessment.

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