• Steven Donbavand (The Civic Research Initiative)

Modelling the Need for Advice on Social Welfare Topics

The Welsh Government commissioned Wavehill and the Civic Research Initiative to estimate quantitatively the need for advice on social welfare for each of the 22 local authority areas in Wales. Model-based estimations were applied to estimate the extent of information, general advice and specialist help that would be required.

The model-based estimations were based on the prevalence of different types of justiciable problems that were assigned to six social welfare categories:

i. Welfare Benefits

ii. Debt

iii. Consumer and Finance (including financial guidance)

iv. Housing and Neighbors

v. Employment

vi. Discrimination

The modelling drew on data sourced from the Civil and Social Justice Survey and the National Survey for Wales.The report has now been published and can be found on the following web link:


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