• Endaf Griffiths

Evaluation of Re-Act 2015-2018

Wavehill, working in association with the Learning & Work Institute, have been commissioned by the Welsh Government to undertake an evaluation of the latest iteration of their ReAct programme (2015-2018). ReAct aims to support people who have been made redundant, or are under notice of redundancy, through a series of measures designed to remove barriers to obtaining new employment. The main aim of the programme is to respond quickly and positively to redundancy situations through measures designed to alleviate the negative effect of redundancy and provide all redundant individuals with the skills necessary to secure new, sustainable employment in the shortest time possible.

The evaluation is being undertaken alongside the ongoing delivery of the programme and involves a rage of primary and secondary research including analysis of monitoring data, stakeholder interviews and discussions with the people being supported. ReAct is designed to complement and supplement the service offered to redundant workers by Jobcentre Plus and Careers Wales. It is an all Wales programme, funded by ESF in West Wales and the Valleys (only) under Priority Axis 1: Tackling Poverty through Sustainable Employment and Specific Objective 1: To increase the employability of those closest to the labour market at most risk of poverty.

For more information please contact: endaf.griffiths@wavehill.com