• Oliver Allies

Evaluation of Traineeships 2015-2018

Learning and Work Institute in conjunction with Wavehill Ltd has been commissioned by Welsh Government to undertake an evaluation of its 2015-2019 Traineeship Programme which supports young people aged 16-18 who are not in employment, education or training to gain confidence and motivation, and improve work-ready skills.

The programme is intended to aid a young person’s transition into employment or further learning through the delivery of generic or soft skills, NVQ vocational training and qualifications in their chosen occupational area, as well as valuable work experience and, where appropriate, Essential Skills Wales qualifications. One of the aims of the traineeship programme is to reduce youth unemployment in Wales.

Traineeships provide young people with the opportunity to develop job–related competencies, including interview techniques, CV writing and interaction with employers, technical skills, numeracy and literacy skills, and builds self-esteem and confidence in the young person. Traineeships are also intended to tackle any complex barriers or issues that prevent a young person entering employment or learning at a higher level, as well as helping the young person affirm a career focus.

For further information please contact: oliver.allies@wavehilll.com