• Oliver Allies

Employment Learning / Training Provision within Newport

Newport City Council (NCC), on behalf of Work & Skills/Community Regeneration, has commissioned Wavehill to undertake a study which will seek to establish the current and future needs of Learning/ Training provision and patterns of local employment in relation to the key sector industries in Newport in accordance with NCC’s terms and conditions.

The study will establish any skills/learning gaps within the area and within key sectors of industry as it currently stands and how NCC and its partners can look to plug those gaps through increasing the skill set and re-modelling learning provisions relating to skills development and for those working within the sector(s) and/or for those looking to establish a career within the sector(s).

The study will incorporate information gathered from these sectors and associated businesses in Newport and provide statistics focusing on the skills and training needs of each business as well as the sector(s) as a whole. There will also be a need to reflect upon the regional employment needs and make links with how Newport learning provision can assist in meeting these needs.

For further information please contact oliver.allies@wavehill.com