• Simon Tanner

Engaging with the Hardest to Reach across London

The Prince’s Trust commissioned Wavehill to evaluate its outreach activities across London, funded as part of a £1m/year package of support granted by the City Bridge Trust (CBT) to target the hardest to reach young people, and support them into education and employment. The evaluation involves primary research with young people and observational research in the hubs that deliver services to the young people. The research also includes the application of cost benefit analysis – conforming to HMT’s Green Book.

The evaluation helped Prince's Trust assess the effectiveness of their ongoing development specifically around outreach and the processes by which the Prince’s Trust recruits young people to engage with it, have their needs assessed and if appropriate to their needs engage with its various programmes. Through this evaluation work, we built the Prince's Trust understanding of a young person’s journey to the Trust, and how they best utilise partnerships, community links, resources and expertise to make this as responsive and responsible as possible. We reported directly to the City Bridge Trust, and our findings facilitated work by the Prince's Trust to upgrade their outreach and delivery to young people in London and across the UK.

For more information please contact Simon.Tanner@wavehill.com