• Dr Andrew Engeli

Sport England - Project Level Measure of Activity

In 2017, Wavehill was commissioned, in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation Centre at the University of Oxford and the Medical School of the University of East Anglia, to undertake research on behalf of Sport England to identity a suitable project level measure of physical activity. The measurement of physical activity is important for understanding the extent to which physical activity interventions are reaching inactive groups as well as to determine the impact of interventions on participants’ physical activity levels.

The lead investigator, Dr Karen Milton, led the development and validation of the ‘single-item measure’ - a short self-report tool for physical activity programme evaluation which is currently used as a screening tool in many Sport England projects. The research that we conducted took a pragmatic approach, to ensure the work was completed within a tight timeframe. Wavehill developed an experimental survey that allowed the researchers to assess respondent survey performance and identify areas of survey struggle. The research outputs have been used by Sport England to refine their Outcomes Framework for the measurement of activity levels among the adult population.

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