• Simon Tanner

National Families First Cost Savings Tool Development

Wavehill were commissioned in December 2017 by Merthyr Tydfil CBC on behalf of the National Group of Families First Programmes and the Welsh Government to develop a common national preventative costs savings calculator. It was expected that initially the costs savings calculator would apply to Team Around the Family (TAF) models within the Families First Programme, but would incorporate approaches that can be used flexibly depending on different Local Authority requirements. The work was responding to requirements contained in the revised Families First Programme Guidance (2017), which places an expectation on Local Authorities to consider and evidence the long term savings (realised through statutory services) which can be achieved through early intervention family support.

The work involves consultation with all Local Authorities, to develop a common language of needs and aspirations that services support, and in doing so, develop a common Distance Travelled Tool that will include the key principles in relation to wellbeing contained in the Social Services and Wellbeing Act, the wellbeing goals contained in the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, as well as the common language which has been developed around Adverse Childhood Experiences. It involves the development of a common list of statutory support areas which can be avoided through effective preventative services such as early intervention family support, and include identifying the anticipated level of savings in service areas including Social Services (Child Protection, Children Looked After), Youth Offending Service, Health (Including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), Housing, NEETS, and Education Other Than at School and benefit entitlements.

From these elements of work we are developing, in consultation with Local Authorities, a simple common Cost Savings Toolkit for preventative services to evidence savings which can be achieved through the Families First programme.

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