• Andy Parkinson

Scoping study for the development of a shared work programme, Skills Active and Skills for Care

Wavehill Director Andy Parkinson led a scoping study on behalf of Skills for Care, in partnership with SkillsActive, to assess the potential for establishing a shared workforce development programme to support employers within the sport, fitness and outdoors sectors to provide services to people in receipt of social care. The purpose of the scoping study was to explore the levels of understanding of employers within the sport, fitness and outdoors sectors of the role of social care employers.

The final research report presents a summary of the key themes emerging from a review of research or evidence of shared workforce development between the two sectors and consultations with a wide range of stakeholders from across the adult social care and sport and fitness sectors including Sport England, the English Federation of Disability Sport, the Amateur Swimming Association, the Chief Cultural & Leisure Officers Association, the Register of Exercise Professionals, the National Care Association, the National Skills Academy for Social Care, the National Association of Providers of Activity for Older People and a wide range of adult social care teams and care providers. A copy of the scoping report can be accessed by clicking here.

For further information please contact: Andy.Parkinson@wavehill.com