• Andy Parkinson

The Role of Advice Services in Health, The Low Commission and Advice Services Alliance

Wavehill Director Andy Parkinson was commissioned by the Advice Services Alliance (ASA) and The Low Commission to deliver a research project on the role of advice services in health. The main objectives of the research project were to build upon the work which has already been conducted in this area and inform the next steps for the advice sector in engaging and working with health services. Specifically the research aimed to contribute to the following longer-term goals:

  • to improve access to advice for people who are vulnerable and/or who have health related problems;

  • to identify and strengthen the position of advice services in relation to the delivery of health outcomes;

  • to identify a range of possible approaches and service models for delivery of advice within a health context, with possible options for piloting or promoting further;

  • to develop a strategic advice sector-wide approach to promoting the role of advice in partnership in health; and

  • to diversify the funding base of advice services through identifying relevant health funding and commissioners.

This narrative report provides a summary of the evidence collated on health outcomes and advice and presents an overall picture of the effectiveness of advice work in health settings on clients/patients. It also presents the results of a mapping exercise that aimed to identifying current or recent advice work in health settings. The approach to completing the evidence review has followed established good practice including the formulation of review questions and the development of a conceptual framework. The report, which includes a foreword from Sir Michael Marmot, is based on an assessment of 140 studies. A copy of the report is available by clicking here.

For further information please contact: Andy.Parkinson@wavehill.com