• Dr Andrew Engeli

South Coast Marine Cluster

In 2016, Wavehill were commissioned to map, quantify, and contextualise the contribution of the South Coast Marine Cluster (SCMC) to both the Marine and Maritime sectors (MMS) UK-wide, and also to the overall UK economy.

The SCMC is a regional partnership of research institutions, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and local authorities that spans much of the south and south-west coastal areas of the UK.1 The collaborative partnership aims to stimulate economic growth in Marine and Maritime-related activities, to attract significant increases in inward investment, and to foster the growth and expansion of export markets. Equally, the partnership has as a core goal to catalyse further innovation across the region and sectors, and to increase knowledge transfer and facilitate the bringing to market of new products, services, and ideas.

The work that Wavehill performed highlighted the central role that the Marine and Maritime Sectors play in the economy of the region, and in stimulating innovation and research and development in a wide range of areas.

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