• Andy Parkinson

Report published: Arts and Place Shaping

Arts Council England commissioned Wavehill to undertake a review of the importance of arts and culture in the lives of people, communities and places. This review builds on previous research, also conducted by Wavehill, which presented evidence of the ability of arts and culture to promote and drive positive economic and social outcomes at a local level and contribute to place-shaping. The review highlights the growing body of evidence that demonstrates culture’s role in revitalising the high street by promoting social cohesion and supporting local economies in towns, cities and villages up and down the country

The review, which has been published by Arts Council England, indicates that culture:

  • Supports community cohesion – cultural organisations can help build civic pride and create an increased sense of belonging in communities.

  • Increases footfall libraries, theatres or museums can play a key role in hosting events and offering unique experiences that attract visitors to high streets.

  • Helps repurpose vacant buildings – arts and cultural organisations are helping fill the gap left by retailers as they move away from high streets, repurposing vacant properties left by retailers into cultural spaces.

  • Creates good jobs culture-led regeneration and investment can drive local economic growth and help create employment.

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