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Ways to Work Employer Privacy Notice

Wavehill are undertaking research on behalf of Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCR). 

The information gathered is used to help LCR assess the performance of the Ways to Work Programme over the period 2016-2023 and to provide evidence-based recommendations about future delivery options. 

People taking part in these employer interviews have been chosen by the respective local authority leads based on their involvement in the programme, namely hosting a work placement. Participation in the survey is voluntary. You can decide to not take part before or during the survey session and can choose to not answer certain questions if you prefer.   

You are not required to provide your name or any other identifying information. Liverpool City Region combined authority will not combine your responses with any other data that will allow you to be identified. Your answers to the survey will not be made public in a way that could lead to you or your household being identified. The information is only used for statistical analysis and research purposes. Reports produced by Liverpool City Region Combined Authority/ from any analysis are made available on their website. Wavehill will produce a report based on the data but this will not identify any individuals. 

Your personal data is deleted within six months following the completion of the evaluation in March 2024. We do not share or use your information for commercial or marketing purposes. If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager Andy Parkinson 0330 1228 658 or Maria Salcedo, Monitoring &  Evaluation Manager   


Further information 

What is the Ways to Work Employer Evaluation? 

The survey that we are undertaking for Liverpool City Region involves speaking to employers who have hosted Ways to Work placements to understand the impact of these placements on the individuals supported and the host organisation and to gauge the effectiveness of the programme in helping people into work. 

What type of information is collected through the survey? 

The survey covers a wide range of topics. These include: 

  • How you became aware of the programme  

  • What were the support needs of the individual   

  • How well supported you felt as an organisation by the Ways to Work staff  

  • What impact the placements have had on the individual and the host organisation 


What is personal data? 

Personal data means any information that could lead to a person being identified either alone or in combination with other widely-available information, e.g. their name, their address, or details specific to that person.  

The survey does not collect any personal information and will not be joined with any other data sources 


How long does Liverpool City Region hold personal data for? 

Any data collected from this survey will be held for a period of no more than six months after it has been gathered. 


What is the purpose of processing your answers?  

The data is used to evaluate the success of the Ways to Work programme. It will learn about best practice and how learnings from this programme could be transferred to future employability programme and ways in which future employability programmes could be improved. 

Who has access to the personal data collected through the survey? 

Data collected through this survey will only be used by Wavehill for analysis and reporting purposes and will not be shared with any external organisation or partner. No individual survey responses will be identified or used in the reporting for this research. Language learning models and 3rd party software may be used to help us process data. 

Internal Ref: 775-23


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