Surveys are one of the key tools of any research company, and undertaking surveys is one of the core services we provide, literally undertaking thousands of interviews every year. All our surveys (whichever the method used) are undertaken by our in-house, bilingual and highly experienced team of researchers.


questionnaire design


All our questionnaires are simple and user-friendly. We pilot the questionnaire to ensure it is within the agreed length, that the questions are readily understood by respondents, and that any pre-coded response categories reflect respondents’ verbatim answers before making any final adjustments, if necessary, and ‘going live’.

undertaking the survey

We have extensive experience of undertaking a range of different surveys include telephone surveys, online surveys, postal surveys and face-to-face interviews.

qualitative and quantitative data


Our team recognise the importance of capturing qualitative (narrative) in addition to quantitative information and we are experts in coding the former as well as extensively analysing the latter to provide additional meaning and depth to enable us to convert the research into meaningful intelligence.