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Children & Young People

Life journey experiences can contrast with statutory service delivery best practice. This in turn highlights the need for an asset-based approach for all groups of children and young people, to empower them to live more resilient lives. Incorporating a child or young person’s voice into policy making is a critical challenge. At Wavehill we have experience in consulting with young people on a range of topics. From understanding their experiences of physical activity and wellbeing programmes to collating their views during early years, school, further and higher education. We can help you to co-design services with these key stakeholders.

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At Wavehill we:

  • Help you to meaningfully involve children and young people in your review, research, or evaluation process. By understanding their experiences and insights of your project, you can ensure stronger outcomes for them, and success for your project. We have expertise in working with children across all ages from pre-school, school, college, university as well as those Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEETs).

  • Help you to build an evidence base to both justify existing policy initiatives, to support a change in policy direction or justify a new initiative. Our approach is orientated to affect change management that is grounded in evidence and will support the long-term outcomes and demonstrate the wider impact of your policy or strategy.

Grounding your initiative in the experiences of the children and young people you intend to support requires care and consideration. Using a mixed-method approach provides you with a deeper understanding of your initiative, its impact on recipients, on institutions and practitioners and the wider community. Whether your initiative has a policy focus or is within an educational setting, ensuring any adjustments or changes to your strategy or policy are grounded in evidence and in understanding the children or young people you intend to support, will ensure stronger outcomes in the long term.

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