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Environmental Impact

As a company conscious of our environmental obligations and as a responsible business, we understand the importance of acknowledging and managing our environmental impacts. We recognise that we are on a journey and are committed to reducing our negative environmental impacts across our offices, promoting greater responsibility in our work practices and project work, and continually improving our overall environmental performance. It is a collective effort, and we also encourage and promote greater awareness of environmental issues amongst our clients, suppliers, stakeholders, and wider community.

At Wavehill we are committed to incorporating environmental considerations into our business decisions and our work practices. This is an integral part of our business strategy and operating method. In keeping with our research and evaluation work, we monitor our performance against independent benchmarks set and look for continual improvement against these.

We are more mindful of our environmental impact and have undertaken several initiatives to help us to become a carbon neutral company in the future.

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Carbon Footprint:

  • We have benchmarked the carbon footprint of our entire business

  • Through our Carbon Reduction Plan, we will monitor and report on our carbon footprint on an annual basis

  • We will actively seek to reduce our carbon footprint where possible

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Our Project Work:

  • As a business we are increasingly focused on work supporting low carbon, renewable energy, and mitigating climate change

  • We factor environmental considerations into the design of tenders and projects

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Business Travel:

  • We have a green travel policy that recommends the use of sustainable modes of transport

  • We discourage unnecessary flights or car use for business travel

  • Where possible we encourage online engagement with clients and staff to avoid unnecessary travel

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Environmental considerations into business operations:
  • We incorporate environmental considerations into all our key business decisions

  • We promote our commitment to environmental responsibility to all our clients and contacts

  • We have an environmental policy and certified action plan by Green Small Business to help us focus on becoming more environmentally aware and to improve our environmental performance as a business.

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