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Public Consultations & Analysis

Public consultation is essential to open and democratic governance, and crucial to this process, is robust independent analysis. Directly engaging with stakeholders, services users, and the public can provide you with key insights to inform your service delivery and government policy development.  Whether your consultation is to the wider public or a specific set of service users, Wavehill will help you to understand the issues and comments raised by those consulted, in a way that ensures all voices are considered.

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At Wavehill we:

  • Believe a strong evidence base is critical to developing sound policy and effective interventions.  Therefore, our approach is rigorous and impartial. We provide you with insights that inform your service delivery, or your policy development process. 

  • Provide you with analysis on the issues, themes and perspectives which arise. Regardless of sample size we draw out key insights based on what it is that you want to know, and what those consulted, want you to hear.

We work with a range of organisations, with arm’s length bodies and across different tiers of government. In collaboration with you, we can facilitate both small focused and large-scale, multifaceted consultations. Our analytical processes balance and contextualise the spectrum of opinions presented, making sure every response is understood, and considered.

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