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Health & Social Care

Research shows the connection between social determinants of health such as levels of crime and poverty, social isolation, mental health, education attainment and work status with an individual’s quality of life and overall life expectancy. Taking a biopsychosocial approach, we can help you to establish the interdependency of biological, psychological, and social context can have on an individual’s health. The Marmot Review highlights the need for an evidence-based approach to understand and address these inter-connected issues and our work can help you to articulate this for your project or policy.

health and social care banner

At Wavehill we:

  • Take an interconnected, cross-sectoral approach to help inform your project, policy, or strategy, while our deep experience in public health and social care can provide you with expert analysis and understanding of the issues you face.

  • Provide you with expert independent evaluations that draw from our broad range of specialisms in local and national initiatives and projects that understands and can influence health inequality and social care provisions.

The implications of poor mental or physical health can be wide-reaching for the individual and their friends and family, for service providers already stretched as well as for the wider economy. Our work can help you to demonstrate how a positive and proactive approach to public health and social care can provide a range of health and wellbeing outcomes as well as contributing to broader national policy objectives.

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