Our Values

We want to make a difference via the work that we do but also as a business and an employer.  

These are the principles that guide how we work:

  • Being very clear and avoiding the waffle: we believe that things work best and are better understood if they are explained plainly, in a clear and concise manner. 

  • Candour: we believe in being open, honest and direct in the way we work and communicate with those both within and outside the company.  

  • Ongoing communication: we believe that it is important that our clients are clear about our work, the progress that is being made and so on. Maintaining clear and ongoing communication is therefore central to what we do and the way that we work.  

  • Value for money: we believe in offering our clients ‘value for money’ in everything that we do.  Our objective is to provide services and products that are worth the price being paid for them.

  • Be efficient and careful in the way we work and use resource: we try not to spend money on things that don’t improve our business and the services that we provide. We also believe in looking after the environment. This breeds resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and innovation within our organisation.

  • Learn, improve and innovate: learning, improving and being innovative is central to the way we work. We’re constantly reviewing our methods and looking for better and new ways of doing what we do. This means that we can develop as a business, improve the services and products that we provide and be responsive to our clients’ needs.


  • Our people are our assets: we recognise that people are central to our company and believe in developing, listening and motivating our people. Be polite, be friendly, work hard.

  • A supportive environment: there is a willingness amongst our team to muck in and help each other out at the time of need.

  • Creating high quality jobs: we want to support economic development in areas more often overlooked by the private sector, this is illustrated, for example by our presence in rural West Wales, the location of the company’s head office, where high quality, private sector jobs are few and far between. 

  • Working in Welsh: we’re proud to be a bilingual company delivering all our services in Wales in Welsh as well as in English.