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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Through the employee-owned company structure, Wavehill has strengthened the voice of all staff to empower us all to articulate what is important to us. This not only influences Wavehill’s strategic and cultural direction, but it also creates greater accountability across all levels of the company. Equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) are vital components of this ethos, of our work, and within our client base. We recognise that we are on a journey to better reflect the diverse range of clients we work with and the communities we engage with.


We have made a commitment to improve our approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion to better reflect our values and core beliefs. We want to be accountable and believe that by sharing the work we have been doing we can improve our approach and our understanding of the challenges involved.

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This means looking at:

  • Our research practices: Working in collaboration with our clients, stakeholders, and communities to adopt appropriate best practice so that our research methodologies and approaches are more inclusive.

  • How we share information with our clients, collaborators, staff, and wider stakeholders: Over the coming year we will be making appropriate adjustments to all our content

including our website, our report templates and other project outputs to ensure we consistently meet accessibility standards. 

  • Ways to improve our approach to recruitment and retention, that is mindful of an individual’s circumstances: As such we are developing a long-term strategy to attract talent from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences.

Why is Equity important for Wavehill?

Equity recognises that we do not all start from the same position. It focuses on fairness and impartiality; that we should acknowledge and correct imbalances by removing intended and unintended restrictions through a reflective process that is continuous. At Wavehill this is something that we encounter in our work, our engagement with different communities and our research practices. As such we acknowledge that where appropriate, we need to adjust and correct imbalances to ensure all voices are represented and all can access our research.

Why is Diversity important for Wavehill?

Diversity is about recognising people’s differences and acknowledges the benefits that different perspectives and experiences can bring to Wavehill and to our clients. We recognise that greater diversity and different perspectives can lead to more creative and innovative responses to our clients’ challenges whilst a more diverse workforce better reflects our client base.

Why is Inclusion important for Wavehill?

Inclusion ensures people’s differences are valued. At Wavehill, we work continually towards developing an inclusive environment where all staff can perform to their full potential, no matter their background, identity, or circumstances. We ensure, through regular staff surveys and other internal mechanisms and touch points that the voice of all staff are represented. Through these channels, there is acknowledgement that whilst progress is being made to become more inclusive, this will be a continuous journey. By educating ourselves we become more aware of our own biases whilst greater understanding of different peoples’ challenges can lead to a kinder, more inclusive world. We have committed to sharing knowledge and best practice focused on the challenges of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the workplace and beyond. By raising awareness and having a better understanding of different challenges individuals and communities face we can create an environment whereby all colleagues can bring their best selves to work. This in turn means better outputs for our clients and better outcomes for the communities we work in.

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