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Policy Research and Strategy Development

An evidence-based approach to policy development enables you to build more robust, long-term initiatives that respond directly to need. Grounding your approach in evidence that is contextually aligned and reflects on previous good practice will support effective strategy development, and policy implementation and outcomes. Strategy documents are essential to bring your stakeholders together behind an issue and enables you to clearly articulate your vision against intended interventions. We can provide you with support to improve your understanding of issues that your policy or initiative face and uncover unique insights to better inform and guide strategy development.

Strategy Development banner

At Wavehill we:

  • Collate and analyse evidence to inform policy development and implementation, from evaluating pilot schemes that test our policy initiatives, to directing policy development based on evidence, including in-depth consultation analysis.

  • Develop succinct and engaging strategies, by working collaboratively with you to identify the most appropriate options within your own context, underpinned by socio-economic analysis and communicated clearly in public facing documents.

We work with you to provide clear evidence that tells the story behind the data. Our work across multiple policy areas and at all levels of government helps you to develop sound policy initiatives and offers you the insight needed to correctly position your strategies. Our approach will help you to make better, more informed choices based on robust evidence.

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