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Social Value

Capturing the social value of your intervention is important in understanding the extent and scope of impact your activity has on various communities of interest. Whilst the Social Value Act means there is a legislative requirement to demonstrate social, economic, and environmental benefits, this should not be a tick-box exercise. Rather this is an opportunity that, once embedded can bring your project or initiative lots of additional value. Social value can however be interpreted, captured, and analysed in a variety of ways which can lead to complexity and confusion that can also undermine the perceived robustness of the findings. At Wavehill we have the expertise to avoid this risk, that draws on our wide-ranging experience in assessing the full range of social value measures for your project.

social value assessment banner

At Wavehill we:

  • Build social impact into research and evaluation at all opportunities appropriate to your project. We can draw on evidence to capture and quantify the benefits of improved wellbeing, health, and community engagement (amongst others) that arise from your intervention.

  • Draw on our trained social return on investment (SROI) practitioners to model social returns, that are robust and can lead to clear evidence of social benefit. Our socio-economic expertise model social cost benefit analysis in accordance with HM Treasury guidance to ensure that the breadth of returns from an intervention are captured appropriately.

With a suite of approaches to mapping, capturing, and analysing the societal impact and added value of your activity we can ensure that the full breadth of additionality is captured robustly and conveyed in a straightforward, succinct manner.

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