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Get Out Get Active (GOGA): Collaborative evaluation in action

A sports hall with a number of chairs arranged to be socially distanced for a group activity with a group of older people together
Photo credit: GOGA Sunderland/ Foundation of Light


Testimonial describing the positive impact an independent evaluation by Wavehill has had on the GOGA programme across the UK

Get Out Get Active (GOGA) brings together the least active disabled and non-disabled people in our communities and supports them to be active together.

Since 2016, GOGA has supported over 40,000 disabled and non-disabled people through over 3,000 different activities and interventions. The programme has tried and tested different activities across its 35 localities around the UK. The intent is to help reduce physical inactivity amongst all programme beneficiaries, better connect people to their community through local services and tackle social isolation. The programme embeds inclusive practice, ultimately to encourage those least active in the community to become more active.

In total the GOGA programme has received £7.5m from organisations such as Spirit of 2012, Sport England, and the London Marathon Charitable Trust. Wavehill have provided on-going project evaluation since the start.


Wavehill have continually worked in close collaboration with all project partners and funders across the UK to develop the evaluation framework and ensure that the learnings help shape project practice and planning. When challenges around delivery have occurred, this approach has enabled an ‘in flight’ shift, resulting in better outcomes for beneficiaries, project partners and funders.

We also continue to work closely with the project team to review findings, to discuss and explore alternative formats to disseminate project findings. There is a strong focus on ensuring these outputs are more visual and accessible which encourages greater engagement across a wider range of stakeholders.


Over the course of this project our findings have demonstrated the successful impact GOGA has had both within local communities and nationally. Our evaluation findings have contributed to the programme securing £5m of funding for GOGA to continue to 2023. It has helped to shape the development of a ‘GOGA approach’ as a concept that can be applied by all those working with the least active to provide inclusive delivery. GOGA 2020 - 2023, is testing the ‘GOGA approach’ with different population groups. Our evaluation findings are feeding into the refinement and development of this approach. Early signs from our evaluation work are positive.

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