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Wavehill's evidence based approach can help you make better decisions

Taking an evidence based approach, we help you to make better decisions based on robust research, reliable evidence, and a clear rationale.

At Wavehill we provide you with impartial social and economic research, analysis, and evaluation through our evidence based approach. Our collaborative approach enables you to make better, more timely and well-informed decisions. We work with a wide range of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors, with small community groups, and across all levels of government in the UK. We help you to navigate the changing policy and funding landscape across the UK. Drawing on three decades of experience we are an independent and trusted partner. Working in close collaboration with you, we ensure you get the maximum value and the best outcome for your strategy, project, programme, or policy.

Our values and ethos guide how we do business.

In 2020, Wavehill became an employee-owned company. This has ensured greater input and increased accountability across all levels of the business. Structures in place allow staff to articulate what matters most to them and better share in Wavehill’s success. The process of becoming employee-owned, has enabled us to explicitly embed our values as a company. It is an essential driver for how we conduct ourselves as a business as well as guiding the work we undertake. We are on a journey and are committed to improving our social value as a company including our environmental impact and by better incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion into our work practices.

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