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Building a Wellbeing Economy: the contribution of events to Scotland’s Wellbeing

Building a Wellbeing Economy is a top priority for the Scottish Government. This means building an economy that is inclusive and promotes sustainability, prosperity and resilience, where businesses can thrive and innovate. It should also support all communities across Scotland by enabling them to access opportunities that deliver local growth and wellbeing.

VisitScotland, on behalf of the Event Industry Advisory Group, commissioned a research project to understand how events contribute to Scotland's wellbeing and identify measures for wellbeing impacts.

The research, delivered by Wavehill Social and Economic Research, comprised a review of existing research and evidence and was produced in consultation with people involved in events.

Download a copy of The Contribution of Events to Scotland’s Wellbeing report here below.

Events Health and Wellbeing Final Report (1)
Download PDF • 1.98MB



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