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Scotland's national events strategy review: consultation analysis

Scotland: The Perfect Stage was first published in 2008 in response to Scotland’s burgeoning potential to be a global leader in the events industry. It was last reviewed and updated to cover the period 2015-2025. On the 24th March 2023, the Scottish Government launched a 14-week public consultation to seek views on the next iteration of the National Events Strategy.

The consultation consisted of an online survey, an online workshop and series of nine face-to-face workshops. These were hosted between April and June 2023 to which 222 participants attended. The online consultation survey received 102 responses from a range of individuals and organisations.

We undertook a thorough, systematic and objective analysis of the consultation responses received. Our independent consultation analysis have drawn out the key themes and issues raised from the responses given.

This report presents a summary of these themes and the perspectives raised from the responses to the consultation. You can access the full report or contact Andy Parkinson for more information.


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