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Community benefits: Wavehill’s 1% pledge.

From food bank collections to beach cleans, over the years Wavehill have supported local initiative and charities around the areas that our offices are located in. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to use their resources to make a positive impact, whether that it how they manage their environmental impact or how they support their local communities. This sense of community and giving is woven into the fabric of Wavehill and is a key pillar of our social value commitments.

Change in approach to community giving.

As we transitioned to an Employee Owned (EO) company, where our staff have greater input into the strategic direction of Wavehill, there was a growing sense that our approach to supporting our local communities could be better coordinated. As an EO company all staff also collectively benefit from Wavehill’s success, through a profit-sharing bonus scheme. Conversely, we also wanted to make sure that our profits can make a positive impact on our communities too. As such we recognised that our resources for giving could be more evenly distributed across our office locations around the UK.

So last year we decided to take a more structured approach to our community benefits and giving. We wanted to better demonstrate our commitment to social and environmental causes and provide a more considered and consistent approach to supporting the local communities in which we are located.

The 1% pledge

We have committed to donating 1% of our annual profits. This is divided equally between our four office locations in Aberaeron, Bristol, London, and Newcastle. Each office nominates a longlist of organisations they wish to support. Following an internal vetting process, colleagues are then invited to vote for their preferred cause or charity. In addition to a one-off payment, each office also has ownership to develop stronger ties with their chosen charity over the year.

Who are we supporting this year?


In Aberaeron colleagues have chosen to support TirCoed. They are focused on developing thriving sustainable rural communities, creating job opportunities for disadvantaged individuals through connections with the land and woodlands. They aim to connect people with the land (Tir) and woods (Coed) by delivering training, learning and wellbeing programmes across rural Wales.

Bristol and London

This year colleagues from both these offices have chosen to support the Trussel Trust. Between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023, food banks in the Trussell Trust’s UK wide network distributed close to 3 million emergency food parcels to people facing hardship, an increase of 37% from the same period last year and a 120% increase compared to 5 years ago. Not only do the Trussel Trust support a network of foodbanks in local communities across the UK, but they also work tirelessly to campaign to raise awareness around the root causes of why people are compelled to use foodbanks.


In Newcastle, colleagues have chosen to support the People’s Kitchen. Providing friendship and food to vulnerable people in Newcastle, the People’s Kitchen is entirely run by volunteers. They seek to support those in need who may be living in poverty, at risk of homelessness, unemployed or who are lonely.

Community benefits all: how you can help

We are really excited about how we can support these amazing organisations over the coming year. We hope to use our platform to raise awareness of these organisations and to learn more about the work that they do. You can also follow us on social media for updates on our work with each organisation. You can also contact them directly to provide any support or much needed funds.

If you are interested in learning more about the EO process and of our commitment to the 1% pledge, please get in touch with Andy Parkinson.


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