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Programme Evaluation: Community Renewal Fund

The Community Renewal Fund (CRF) was set up by the UK government to enable the UK to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). The programme provided £220 million of funding and has enabled communities to access funds and to establish projects across four investment priorities: skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment. The fund was launched in May 2021, and successful projects were delivered from November 2021 – December 2022.

Wavehill have been commissioned by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) to undertake a full programme evaluation of the CRF. Our evaluation covers the whole of the United Kingdom, and includes:

  • a process evaluation to review the effectiveness of delivery of the fund and identify lessons for future programmes.

  • a meta evaluation of up to 450 project level evaluations commissioned by CRF projects, across all four investment priorities.

  • developing case studies that demonstrate the impact of the programme, across the four investment priorities.

Our report will be published later this year and our recommendations will be used to inform future programme development.


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