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Tackling deep rooted deprivation; success in Levelling Up funding allocation.

The third round of Levelling Up (LUF) funding allocation has been announced with £1.105m worth of investment allocated to 55 projects to support communities across the UK. Denbighshire County Council in Wales has provisionally been awarded £19.9m to tackle deep rooted deprivation through a range of projects focused on delivering regeneration, transport, and natural environment improvement aligned to the Pride of Place mission of the Levelling Up agenda.

The Denbighshire bid focused on improving the look and feel of selected locations in three different areas inside the Vale of Clwyd constituency, to improve public realm, unlock regeneration development and support active travel. The bid was developed in response to high levels of deprivation in the area and aims to be a catalyst for future investment.

We developed the economic and business cases for the initial round two bid, which included an impact model and value for money assessment for the project. The Wavehill team also reviewed the final application, to ensure that it was compliant with the requirements set out by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). Whilst the first two rounds took a competitive approach to funding allocations, this latest round has taken a more streamlined approach focused on robustly assessed, high-quality projects that were not funded in the second round of funding earlier this year.

Wales received a total of £111m from this third round of funding and Denbighshire County Council is only one of seven areas in Wales to have submitted a successful bid.


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