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Reflections on the Welsh Government's drive to tackle the 'brain drain'

The Welsh government are setting out plans to tackle the ‘brain drain’ of young people leaving Wales. This recognises the economic and linguistic impact young people have in their local economies across Wales. It is particularly important given the anticipated decline of 16-64yo to 58% by 2043 against an aging population especially in more rural communities.

Our research suggests that economic drivers are not the only considerations young people have in deciding on possible migration out of rural areas either into towns or out of Wales completely. Close links within communities, a sense of identity and Welsh language also play a part in young people’s decisions to migrate, or not. Our research also notes that the impact of Covid and changing attitudes to remote working could also have an enormous impact going forward.

In terms of policy considerations taking a broader view of a whole range of issues, and one that is evidence based, will be key in supporting young people considering their future options.

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