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Consultation Analysis: Informing Scotland's National Events Strategy

The Scottish Government has been keen to harness Scotland's potential as a global leader in the events industry. To shape its future trajectory in the events sector, it initiated a comprehensive public consultation in March 2023, seeking input on the latest iteration of the National Events Strategy.

The Scottish Government's commitment to ensuring public input underscores its commitment to shaping a robust National Events Strategy that is reflective of diverse perspectives and stakeholder interests. With substantive engagement from stakeholders across sectors, the consultation process has set a precedent for inclusive policymaking in Scotland's dynamic events landscape.

The consultation, spanning 14 weeks, employed a multifaceted approach, comprising an online survey and a series of workshops. Nine face-to-face workshops and one online workshop were conducted between April and June 2023, drawing participation from 222 stakeholders. Additionally, the online survey gathered responses from a diverse range of individuals and organisations. 

We were commissioned to conduct a comprehensive and impartial analysis of the consultation feedback from the inputs gathered via the Citizen Space online platform and insights from the participants in the regional engagement and sector workshops. We provided meticulous thematic analysis and insights from the survey responses and workshop discussions held.

Our report provided a succinct overview of the prominent themes and viewpoints expressed during the consultation process. This has fed into the latest National Events Strategy 2024-2035 launched this week. 


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